Hand embroidery commissions

We can offer specialist embroidery services in any format or dimension. As well, some of the work can be done by our London’s Embroidery Club students.


Bella has received training and practical experience in the RSN Studio in the restoration, conservation, cleaning and repair of antique textiles, supplemented by seven years post-graduate application. For example as an Apprentice at the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace Bella worked on several commissions, including repairing the acclaimed wedding veil used by Princess Josephine of France. One of her past activities was the complete restoration of an early seventeenth century beadwork mirror frame, considered by many to be wholly beyond repair. Today this piece is in the market at a very substantial price. We also specialise in the restoration of early fifteen/sixteenth century English stumpwork and beadwork, such as mirror frames, caskets, etc

Making up embroidery kits

If you wish to make an embroidery kit or kits from your master art works do not hesitate to contact us so that we can convert them into beautiful embroidery projects.


We can hand paint your art work on to needlepoint canvases. Then we can match your pieces with fine French wools, Appleton wools, metallic threads, silk and cotton threads, etc as required.

Embroidery workshops, classes and masterclasses